Emerging Tech

Smart plateform on wheels

Clean-propulsion, autonomous, connectivity, entertainment, and sharing are key elements toward a future options for mobility. I believe this will bring tremendous advances in technology and change the way we are living today.

Traditional car companies are embracing these elements to their existing cars, however, in the very same way as old telecom companies added music and Internet applications in their cell phone models a decade ago. Well, almost all of these old fashion companies have lost the competition to Apple.

Apple did not start from any phone. It started with a digital platform, with the phone function built in as an initial effort. The platform was open to music, Internet and thousands Apps that were built late on.

In a same way, Tesla did not start with a car. It started with a platform, equipped with wheels at a first step. The new platform is powered by clean energy, (ultimately) with self-driving ability. The technology will relief the driver from driving role so to create demand for entertainment and connectivity. Car-sharing will become necessary to tackle crowdedness in the cities.

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