Emerging Tech

Three pillars human are being built

I am not sure if Trump can win back for another presidential term. But I think his legacy is his administration’s strong support of mRNA technology and acceleration of FDA approvals for new medical technologies. I am excited to learn today some breakthrough of gene editing technology to get FDA approval for human trials. This is an area that I have focused for many years and I believe it will create a revolution even far large in scale and impact than Tesla.

Twenty five years ago, when I sat at my Mac computer at the Cognitive Engineering Lab at the University of Toronto, canvassing my research proposal of human centred design, I dreamed one day we each would have a device on hand serving interface to the world. I encrypted my first iPad with “enjoy human reconnection”. Late in about 2010, a nuclear operator friend of mine told me about Elon Musk, the modern Thomas Edison in his word. I pictured Tesla would eventually become an energy company.

Human, as a part of universe, are building a platform with communication, energy transformation, health and longevity. At the three pillars of the platform, iPhone, Tesla and Gene technology are the most exciting things to dream and to invest, in my view.