Emerging Tech


Some random thinking to share …

Tesla is reinventing the car. The idea is similar to that iPhone reinvented the phone, but the scale and consequential are several magnitude larger than the iPhone.

Tesla is a soft plat form, car function just being one of them. The self driving feature will liberalize the drivers and free us from driving so that we can do something else when in the car.

First, the self driving feature will completely change the insurance business. Currently the car insurance is primarily against human drivers. In the future the insurance will primarily against the software. The software could be so perfect one day that the insurance maybe mostly covered by the software producers.

Second there need a whole lot of new technology to achieve self driving.

Third, there is a need of new things to enjoy when people in the car – entertainment, connecting to the world, and visual realities…

Fourth, the power supply technology to the car. Electrical power will be a trend, charging could be wireless and real time. Oil industry could shrink soon and eventfully disappear – might be a good reason why the oil producers pumping oil like crazy these days as oil will soon be next to useless thing.

Fifth, there need new design of car features.

Sixth, electrical car will revive and bring revolutions to power generation and storage industry. I summarize the above six points to be Teslasm.

Teslasm will obsolete the automobile insurance business and oil production industry. Teslasm will create demand of self driving technology and an internal environment for the passengers. This will be companioned with new external designs of the cars. Tesla will very likely be the largest company in the world in ten years.