About me

I am an engineer with education in cybernetics, research in control theories, and work experiences in safety critical processes. At my college, I was fascinated by applying and extending control theories to social sciences, specifically mathematical models and control of population dynamics.

With that passion, I began my hobby to study economics and financial market in 2000. My goal was to understand and to interpret the dynamics in those areas from a control theory angle and in an engineer’s perspective. I often wrote notes after my readings. In 2012 I started to publish some of those notes in “Kevin Economy Notes” on my Facebook page (2012 – 2017) and then in my WeChat Moments.

I decided to have my own blog site, so Kevin Bits (之江拾贝) was launched. I gave it a Chinese name related to the beach where I spent some of my childhood picking up wood chips for cooking fire. Life was hard but the beach allowed me to listen to the waves, to smell the ocean, to watch the sky, and to dream anything I like.