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In a very difficult time this May 2012, here comes the IPO of Facebook (stock ticker FB on NASDAQ). I like Facebook for two reasons. First, I had a nick name “FB” in my high school and undergraduate years. The name reminds me of a lot of good time with my friends. Some of them I have not seen for decades though we talked on the phone and exchanged e-mails quite often. The second reason I like Facebook is because it is reviving the social interactions, an attribute that characters human being.

The advance of computer and communication technologies has greatly improved the quality of our life. However, like everything else, these technologies have their side effects. One of them I found is that people are having much less close contact, and much fewer direct communications with each other. We spend too much time talking to machines instead talking to people. The human beings actually feel lonely.

In this aspect, Facebook, I think, will fill help reestablish human connections. The introduction of human dimension is something that made Apple so appealing, and I think Facebook will push human re-connection into a next level (see my Note dated in Feb 16, 2012 “From Orange to Apple, and from Google to Facebook, an introduction of human dimension” ).

The global equity market has been down for more than ten days amid Greece political chaos jeopardizing Euro survival, stagnation of Japanese economy, slowdown in growth in China, unsustainable high U.S. government debt, risk of Canadian housing bubble … I hope the IPO of Facebook, bringing in some bright, could revive confidence that the equity market can move ahead favourably.

– Written on the eve of Facebook IPO. Good luck FB!

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