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Biotech Valley: CRISPR

In January 2018, I coined Biotech Valley. My focus was initially on research of gene editing technology companies, and late on companies that develop medicines to treat aging related diseases specifically Alzheimer’s. I talked two of companies which are developing Alzheimer’s medicines in my precious Note. After FDA’s approval of BIOGEN’s drug to slow Alzheimer’s, I believe there will be a wave of research findings to emerge in this area.

For gene editing technology companies, I have followed four that listed in the following table, with their stock symbols, company market values, current stock prices and their recent secondary offering prices and dates. Their technology are all based on CRISP. Among them, BEAM has the second generation of editing technology, and is my favourite; the other three has the same and the first generation of editing technology.

All of the four companies have their strategic partners that are large pharmaceutical companies. Due to large market values, it is unlikely that these four companies to be taken over by others. Each time when there is a breakthrough, a secondary stock offering will likely follow. This will be main sources of their fundings for R&D.

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